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Whose Line is It Anyway Misha Collins Sneak Peek


Whose Line Is It Anyway? USA 2014 S10E13 10x13 Misha Collins ‘Scenes From A Hat’ Comedy Scene.


2014 6/16 Misha Collins-Whose Line is it Anyway.


Amazing Swimming Pool Illusion!


Amazing T-Rex Illusion!


Crazy Circle Illusion!

SashaMun and Theo: Which TV Dad are you?


SashaMun: Who you hoping for Theo?
Theo: Bill Cosby’s character.
SashaMun: Everyone, this is Sasha’s Dad; Theo.

Now lets see what you got Theo. Actually, we are doing a redo. Theo is actually quite cheesed off with who he got. I’m not going to say it. Let’s put it this way, that fae king got a mouth on him.
Odette: Well I have to agree with him, that is not my husband.
SashaMun: is he going to come back and do this again, or are you going to be picking his answers?

Odette: Well let’s just you and me click back and read it. While he’s off ranting.
After reading.
SashaMun: Are you joking? Theo’s more like Peter Griffin. Not completely but, he’s like a little bit of Homer, the one from Rosanne, and Bill Cosby’s character.
Odette: Anyone but that man. …Theo are you going to come do this quiz again or what are you doing?
Theo: Read the quiz out for me.
SashaMun: Oh for the love of-
Odette: All that is holy in Asgard.
Theo: Alright. I’m here. As long as I don’t get him again fine.
SashaMun: So we’re taking the quiz again.
During the tail end of the quiz.
Odette: Theo…don’t pick that.
Theo: Why not, it’s my quiz. And result…Oh thank God.

SashaMun: Oh my God. *laughing*
Odette: I told you not to pick that bloody suit.
Theo: Don’t care. Don’t care. ☺

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I saw something familiar looking at screencaps of Cleopatra from 1963.


Hm, where have I seen that recently?


Katy Perry’s Dark Horse video. I think katy might be an Elizabeth Taylor fan. Either way, very cool video and very cool film.

SashaMun and Odette: Which TV Mom are you?


I’m doing this with Sasha’s mother Odette. So we’re going to see who Odette is.

And she’s been laughing at the man-child husband bit.

Odette: Oh they’ve met my Theo?
SashaMun: Everyone who has not read her headcanon. This is Odette.

Sasha’s delightful mother.
Odette: I enjoyed that, let’s do another one. Theo! We have a quiz for you!

Which adventure time character are you?

I got Lady. Yah! And here’s the link for you all.

Which Mad Men character are you?

I got exactly who I wanted! *squee!*

And you can find out yours here too.

Which Game of Thrones Dire Wolf are you?

See which wolf you are here.

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See here, here and here.

Quoting from the first article.

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Then and Now

Why does Jensen look slightly cheesed off about that picture? Is it just me?

Then and Now

Why does Jensen look slightly cheesed off about that picture? Is it just me?

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